No.40,Section III,Songpo Road,

Academic Administration Office


The Academic Administration Office provides all the academically related services to students from their admission up until their graduation. The office’s main tasks include the management of teaching affairs, the supervision of the teaching quality, the management of examinations, the management of student status, internship, teaching materials and lecturers, etc.

Location: Office building Number 4, Room 106



  • Presiding over daily teaching and scientific research work;
  • Being responsible for the entire teaching management and the further development of various subjects;
  • Formulating and organizing the implementation of talent training programs and development of subjects;
  • Overseeing and organizing the implementation of the teaching plan in CIE;
  • Being responsible for the education development, course arrangement, compilation of teaching materials and other projects in the field of teaching reforms;
  • Organizing and overseeing the appointment of teachers;
  • Organizing the facilities for clinical skills trainings and reading rooms;
  • Assisting the Center for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCAL) in teaching management.

Bettina (Deputy Dean)

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Section Director

Main Tasks: Carrying out the daily tasks of the Academic Affairs Department, with emphasis on the teaching administration, and bearing full responsibility for the organization and arrangement of teaching tasks.

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Administration Officer

Main Tasks: The supervision and inspection of the daily teaching;
· The use of multimedia classrooms in the college; 
· The arrangement of the classrooms; 
· The ordering, purchase and distribution of teaching materials.

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Administration Officer

Main Task: The organization of examinations in the college, preparation and printing of exam papers, the announcement and management of exam rules and punishments for violations.

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Administration Officer

Main Tasks: The supervision and inspection of the daily teaching on the Muxiao Campus; 
 The supervision of the use of multimedia classrooms in the college; 
The distribution of textbooks on the Muxiao Campus.