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Applying to JZMU Undergraduate Program

Jinzhou Medical University is famous for academic excellence. We pick the best and brightest students purely on their academic merit and passion for their chosen course. If that sounds like you, and you like to think for yourself, JZMU could be the right university for you.

I. Brief Introduction to the College of International Education

Jinzhou Medical University ( JZMU ) was founded in 1946. The university was officially renamed Jinzhou Medical University in March 2016 under the approval of Ministry of Education. JZMU passed the teaching proficiency testing of the Ministry of Education with excellent performance. Through 70 years of development, JZMU has developed into a top-ranked medical university with chiefly medical-based, multilevel, multidisciplinary and multiform education across the whole China.

JZMU currently has over 12000 on-campus students, admitting students nationally from the whole of China. In recent years, their minimum admission scores were higher than the average score of first-batch universities of Liaoning by 50 points. JZMU has 95 professional teaching practice base, among which there are 3 affiliated hospitals. The First Affiliated Hospital and the Third Affiliated Hospital is the First Class National Hospital.

JZMU began to recruit overseas students in 1997. It was qualified to award ‘ English-Taught Bachelor of Medicine /Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS )’, admit international students under ‘Chinese Government Scholarship’, JZMU offer 21 Bachelor degree majors taught in Chinese medium including Clinical Medicine(MBBS), Anesthesiology, Radiology and so on. We also offer 59 Master degree majors which can be taught in both Chinese and English medium such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, Veterinary Science and etc… Till now, JZMU has enrolled more than 2000 medical degree students, medical postgraduate students from 70 countries. The international students aiming at academic degrees has ranked third for three years in Liaoning Province. JZMU’s responsibility is to ensure the safety of overseas students. It is also our duty to let all students have a happy life here. All staff is aiming at providing a ‘Five Star Service’ for you all. Finally, welcome overseas students from all over the world to study in JZMU.


II.Majors &.Tuition

JZMU-Major List of Undergraduate Students ( English Medium)








Undergraduate Course

In English Medium

临床医学 MBBS 35000
药学 Pharmacy 22000
影像学Radiology 28000
口腔医学Stomatology 28000
护理 Nursing 22000

Undergraduate Course In Chinese Medium


Post- Graduate Course




III. applicant qualifications

  • Non-Chinese citizens over the age of 18 to 30
  • Foreign valid passport (passport limited in 6 months or more)
  • Physical and mental health, no criminal record
  • Senior high school or above and science outstanding achievement. The achievement of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology: B above
  • English is the official language of the applicant must provide English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS) or pass JZMU’s English interview.


IV.Application deadline

On Sep 30, 2019.

The written application materials shall be subject to the deadline.


V.Opening date

On October 15, 2019.

The specific time shall be subject to the Admission Notice.


.The application materials

  • Scanned copy of the highest degree certificate and transcript (need to be translated into Chinese)
  • Scanned copy of passport information page and a blank page. (one blank page)


.Online Application

  • Enter the application system, fill in the applicant’s information in detail, according to the requirement, please upload the application materials;
  • After the Internet application is approved, participate in the online English interview; The applicants who pass the examination and interview will receive the electronic Pre-admission notice sent by the university.
  • The applicant receiving the pre-admission notice shall pay $1,000 (part of the tuition fee) to the USD account of Jinzhou Medical University and send the remittance receipt to:
  • After receiving the receipt of remittance, our university will issue Visa Application form, Admission Notice and mail to the applicant by DHL.



Matriculate should hold a passport, “Admission Notice”, “Visa Application for Study in China” to the Chinese embassy (get) museum of entry study visa (X1), and hold the above materials as stipulated in the admission notice on time to report to the Jinzhou Medical University Institute of international education. The original copy of the certificate should be paid back to the university, and the admission qualification will be canceled.


.Pick up service

Our University provides professional pick-up service, please check the following information, so that students can contact us in the emergency situation quickly.



.Medical Insurance

Our University deals with accidental injury and medical insurance for students come to China.



After the new students report to the university, the university will arrange the accommodation for the students in the dormitory.



Contact: Vivian Jiang, Cindy lee

Office phone :(+86) 416 4673331


Skype account: vivianlmu




Online Application

Apply online, get application number.


If you Pass English Interview, you can get an E-offer

Application Deposit

In certain disciplines you might be required to take tests.

Admission Notice

Receive Visa Application (JW202) form and Admission notice

Come to China

Finally you can apply for an X-VISA and Come to China

Fees & Scholarships

Congratulations on becoming a student at Jinzhou Medical University. We are committed to ensuring students understand the costs and funding for them if they choose to apply.


Find more about the tuition fees and other fees of Jinzhou Medical University. Check the courses list below.

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University Scholarships

The university regularly provides merit based scholarships of 2,500 RMB to 6,500 RMB yearly to outstanding students.


Living Costs

Read about the living costs that you can expect during your stay in Jinzhou to help you to plan your finances.


Applying Steps

Follow the steps to make your application for an undergraduate degree starting at September 2017

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application requirements

Qualification: Age: 18-30, Healthy and without criminal records, IGCSE:LEVEL A, NO IGCSE: Mathematics&.Physics&.Chemistry&. Biology≧ 80% and must Pass JZMU’s English interview

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apply online

On our online application form, you are required to provide all information about your application, personal information, previous educational background etc.

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The university usually conducts an english interview for all prospective students in order to assertain their level of english. A well spoken student with good english accent is prefered.

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Accepted Students

The admission department of the university will decide whether or not you are qualified to be granted provisional admission to study at Jinzhou Medical University.