No.40,Section III,Songpo Road,

Dormitory Services


Pre-pay for electricity

The apartments have access to water and electricity all days. In case of power or water cut, the Department of Apartment Management will notify in advance. All residents of each room shall pre-pay for the electricity at the service room of each building. The electricity will be cut off automatically if the electricity pre-paid is consumed. The electricity is 0.5 yuan/kw. Each room has an electricity meter box. So do remember to pre-pay for the electricity.

Use electricity safely

High-power electric appliances may cause a fire as many students live in each building and the circuit of each building has a big burden. So storing or using high-power electric appliances is not allowed. Those who violate the rule will be punished based on the actual situation.

The following electric appliances are banned in the rooms– electric stove, rice boiler, induction cooker, microwave oven, electric food warmer, electric warmer, and gas cylinder, as well as electric heating bar, electric kettle, electric carpet, electric heat radiator and electric hair drier. Connecting electric wires or plugs without permission is banned. Charging your phones or scooters with nobody on watch is banned too. Please comply with the rules for your safety.

Maintenance & Repair Management

You may fill in a facility repair request at the service room of the building or log in the website of School of International Education to fill in such a request online. The serviceman will come to your room in 24 hours for maintenance or repair. ( You shall pay for the materials needed to restore the facilities at the service room if the damage is caused on purpose or through negligence or the repair falls into the category of paid items.)