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Evaluation and Results

Evaluation and Results

Evaluation and Results

    1. Students must attend the exams scheduled in the curriculum plan. The results will be recorded and put into the student’s file.
    2. The main evaluation methods are the mid-semester and final examinations. Random tests, attendance, experiments, exercises, homework and discussion in class will count for 20 percent of the total result. In experiment courses, experiments will count for 30 to 40 percent of the total mark.

    No exams will be held for the elective and minor courses, where the general evaluation is based on random tests, experiments, exercises, homework and discussion in class.

    Students who have passed the experiment part of a course are eligible to attend the theoretical part. Students, who fail the experiment test, can be tested by doing an additional experiment.

    If the student’s data or experiment report are found to be a copied from another student, the student will receive 0 marks and punitive measures will be taken against him/her, in accordance with the Discipline and Punitive Measures Criteria for International Students of Jinzhou Medical University.

    1. According to the content of the courses, the evaluation may be reached by written examinations, oral examinations or practice. The score of the courses that require exams is based on the 100-points system; the score of minor courses is based on the pass/fail criteria.
    2. Once results have been announced, they cannot be changed randomly. If students need to have their examination papers rechecked, they have to apply for it in written form. During rechecking it is checked whether all the marks in the exam were added up correctly, but no re-evaluation of the answers is provided. Having an examination paper rechecked is subject to an administrative fee of 10RMB and application forms for rechecking have to be filled out in the Academic Office, whose final consent will be needed to have the recheck performed. Time periods when rechecks can be applied for: for the mid-term examinations: until one week after the announcement of the results;for the end-of-term examinations: until the end of the first week of the new semester; for supplementary examinations: until 3 days after the announcement of the examination results.

    5、 Students who have failed a subject that is graded by means of a final examination can participate in the monthly examinations held during each semester, provided they pay the applicable examination fee. Students who have failed a subject that is graded by tests and general performance have to participate in the lectures of that subject again.

    Students who don’t pass the graduation exam or the clinical practice must redo them.

    1. Course Exemption. Students who have been demoted and do not wish to repeat the subjects that have already been passed, can apply not to take those subjects again within one week after the announcement of the demotion with the Academic Office. Students who fail to do so within the set time limit, will have to repeat the subjects during demotion.


    Students, who don’t move on to the next grade may apply for course exemption for the courses they have passed before.

    1. During the exam period, students are normally not allowed to take leave for personal affairs. Students who cannot take the exam due to illness have to ask for sick leave from the Student Administration Office of CIE before the exam, and provide the Office with a doctor’s note from the university’s hospital. The student can attend the next grading exam for the subject he/she misses.
    2. Students who are absent from the exam without any valid reasons, are disobeying the examination regulations. Students, who are caught cheating during the exam, will receive 0 marks for that exam. In addition, punitive measures will be taken against them in accordance to the Discipline and Punitive Measures Criteria. Students who have received a warning, a severe warning, demerit, and those who are under surveillance, may apply to take the course again or attend the re-sit exam before graduation, only if the Student Administration Office of CIE approves.
    3. If students fail to attend any activities, that are scheduled in the curriculum, without the approval of the Office, they will be taken punitive measures against.
    4. Students are not allowed to attend the final examination (including the clinical practice) in the following situations: (After having made up the required credit hours, they can apply for attending the exam).
    5. If the total time absent from the course in one semester, exceeds 1/3 (33%) of the total of credit hours for this particular course or if students are found to be absent for five times or more during attendance checks.
    6. If the total time absent from experiment courses exceeds 1/3 (33%) of the total of credit hours for this course or if 1/2 (50%) of the required experimental reports have not been written.
    7. Students fail to move on to the next grade, if they fail 3 courses or have no scores for 3 courses in one semester or if they have failed or have no scores in 4 courses during two consecutive semesters or if they have failed 5-7 courses in total during their study time up to that point. The demotion period is 1 semester. Failing 2 minor courses will be counted as failing one major course.


    12、In each semester there are monthly examinations held. They are examinations of subjects that are graded by final exams, the number of exams held is not fixed and students can on a voluntary basis apply for them, but once applied and paid for, there cannot be any refund. Students who have been absent for final examinations or mid-term examinations cannot take the monthly examinations for the subjects they didn’t write.