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International Exchange



International exchanges and cooperation is an important component of Jinzhou Medical University’s development strategy, enabling academic staff and students of the university to be globally active and well prepared for future challenges. Jinzhou Medical University collaborates with educational institutions around the world. We have established long-term cooperative relationship with famous universities and educational institutions in the US, UK, Russia, Australia, Spain, Japan, South Korea and many other countries. JZMU has also conducted international exchanges in various forms, such as scholar exchange, student and teacher exchange, academic communication, etc.

Through international engagement, JZMU enhances the accumulation of the comprehensive knowledge for high quality education, spreads internationalization within the University, shares academic resources and seeks to strengthen the University’s academic reputation.

About Us

Information about the International Exchange department and its responsibilites.

Foreign Teachers and Professors

JZMU welcomes foreign talent and expert brains to deliver quality medical education.

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International Exchanges and coorporation between our university and other education partners.

Exchange & Cooperation

Details of international coorporation between our university and other universities.