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Jinzhou Medical University has Launched its University Academic Scholarship Program

graduates of 2016

Jinzhou Medical University formally known as Liaoning Medical University, a leader in International Education in Jinzhou, Liaoning, China has launched its University Scholarship program which is open to all existing students of the university. The program is formulated in order to encourage foreign students to finish their education in campus.

The scholarship program is divided into two categories:

  • For general scholarships:

Postgraduate students who study in english medium are eligible for 16000 Rmb/Year/Person while Undergraduate students (English medium): 2500 Rmb/Year/Person.

  • For Outstanding scholarships:
    (1)The First Class Scholarship: 2000 Rmb/semester
    (2)The Second Class Scholarship: 1000 Rmb/semester
    (3)The Third Class Scholarship: 500 Rmb/semester

Note that a student can earn both general and outstanding scholarships at the same time.

The majors available for scholarships 
All the English teaching medium undergraduate and postgraduate majors can be accepted the applications of scholarships in Jinzhou Medical University.

In order to qualify for the Scholarships students have to fulfill the following obligations:

1、Consciously abide by the laws of China and the rules and regulations of the university.
2、Love the major, have clear learning purpose, correct attitude and excellent results
3、Participate in the social practices actively, various scientific, cultural and sports activities held by the university
4、Behave civilized, cherish the facilities, respect teacher and faculties, get along with schoolmates and care the collective
5、Pay all expenses on time
6、The score of each course in each semester is above 70 grades (including 70 grades), and the courses are qualified or above.
7、The evaluation is rate on the basis of grade.
8、Those who work hard for learning Chinese and pass the HSK-four level are preferred

The scholarships are evaluated two times each year in March and September.

For more information please contact the foreign students administration office at:

No.118, Foreign Students’ Administration Office, Jinzhou Medical University

Address: No.118, Foreign Students’ Administration Office, Jinzhou Medical University, No. 40, Section 3, Songpo Road, Linghe District, Jinzhou, Liaoning

Postal code: 121000

Phone: 0416-4673094


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