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Living Costs

TRANSPORTATION: The most popular way to get around Jinzhou is on foot or by bicycle. Taxis are abundant on the streets and start at 6 RMB per trip. Bus routes also blanket the city and provide the most economical means of transportation as it costs 1 RMB per bus trip.

FOOD: There are various canteens within the university campus with subsidised food most of which are below 10 RMB per meal. There are also many restaurants around the university serving chinese and western food and deserts. There is a wide variety to choose from. The prices range from 5 RMB to 50 RMB per meal depending on your taste.

ENTERTAINMENT: In the university there are wide variety of fun activities wich are organised by the university such as tours, trips to tourist sites etc. The university also organises music festivals, fashion shows and sporting activities.

Outside of the university, there are fun karaoke bars, night clubs and pubs where students can visit and unwind on the weekends.

CLOTHING: Jinzhou has a wide array of shopping malls which include RT Mart, Walmart, Kingson Shopping Mall, Happy Family mall, New Mart etc where students can shop for branded clothing and fashion accessories.  There are also a wide network of underground tunnel markets where more affordable items can be found.

MOBILE PHONE AIRTIME FEES: The cost of mobile phone airtime varies vastly depending on how many calls are made, recied or the location of the incoming call. Its however worthy of note that international calls are more expensive and may reqire IP cards while calls within china may be cheaper, call charges apply to incoming calls as well. So if a student is out of airtime, the student might not be able to receive calls. An average monthly bill of 50 RMB or less should be enough for an average user.

*** Please note that these prices are just for reference purposes as they are just estimates. Prices may vary between shops, restaurants, distance covered, and prices may change without prior notice.****