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Namibian Ambassador to China Visited JZMU and Attended the Namibian Independence Ceremony

Namibian Ambassador to China Visited JZMU and Attended the Namibian Independence Ceremony Jinzhou Medical University Official Website - College of International Education image 5

His Excellency Mr. Ringo F. Abed, Namibian ambassador to China, accompanied by his family and embassy staff, visited our university and attended the Namibia Independence Ceremony from March 21st to 23rd.
During the visit, the ambassador had a meeting with Professor Lv Gang, CPC Party chief of LMU and Liu Xuezheng, president of LMU. Vice-president Ding Weiguang and the Dean of College of International Education Paul Liang participated in the meeting and attended all the celebration activities.
During the meeting on the morning of March 22nd ,Party chief Lv Gang and President Liu Xuezheng warm welcomed the ambassador and the other embassy delegates and congratulated on the 24th anniversary of the Republic of Namibia. Party chief Lv Gang introduced LMU briefly and reported on the educational situation of international students, especially of Namibian students. Professor Lv hopes to keep in close contact with the Namibian embassy through this opportunity. Furthermore, he hopes to enhance the cooperation with Namibia’s educational organizations through the support of the Namibian embassy in China.
His Excellency the Ambassador showed his appreciation to the warm welcome by the management of our university. He said LMU is cultivating many high-quality medical talents and he is satisfied with the education of Namibian students in LMU. He invited the leaders of LMU to visit Namibia at their convenience in order to develop new cooperation and cultivate more and more advanced medical talents.
At the ceremony in the afternoon, President Liu Xuezheng gave a speech on behalf of LMU, showing his welcome to the visiting group and expressing his congratulations on the 24th anniversary. President Liu hopes all the students can treasure their study chance and study hard so that they can contribute to the further development of Namibia and further develop the friendship between Namibia and China.
The celebration of the Independence Day included the following activities: a football match, performances and an evening party, in which more than 120 Namibian students from LMU and other universities across China took part.
There are 114 Namibian students at our university.

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