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Regulations for internship students


Rules, responsibilities and regulations for international students during the graduation internship

Rules for internship students

  1. Interns are under the supervision and management of both the CIE and the training hospital.
  2. The internship training is to be implemented according to the internship syllabus and the relevant provisions .
  3. Interns should perform the duties of interns while preventing medical errors and accidents.
  4.  Interns should behave in a civilized manner, show respect for their teachers and work in a team with their classmates. They should abide by the leadership of the hospital and strictly comply with the national policies, laws and regulations of the hospital.
  5. Interns should act with a high degree of compassion and responsibility towards the patient and serve the patient in a sincere way. Gifts and money from patients or their family cannot be accepted.
  6. Interns should follow the advice of the physicians and follow the principles of the protective medical system when answering the questions of patients and their family members. Female medical personnel should be present when a male intern performs a gynecological examination on a female patient. It’s not allowed to do any physical examinations on female patients after 9:00pm, except during night duty or in emergency situations.
  7. Interns should strictly abide by rules concerning asking for leave and other relevant labor regulations.
  8. Interns should dress in a neat and appropriate way during their internship. It’s forbidden to shout, run, spit, smoke or wear shoes that make noise in the in-patient area.
  9. Interns should take respect public property and are not allowed to use valuable instruments, equipment or other items without permission.
  10.  Interns should comply with the relevant provisions that govern public places; disturbing procedures, fighting, gambling and consuming alcohol are not allowed.

Responsibilities of internship students

  1. Interns should abide by the laws and regulations of the state and the rules and regulations of the university and the hospital, embrace the concept of lifelong learning, and strive to achieve the goals of professional training.
  2. Interns have to finish the clinical practice under the guidance of doctors. In accordance with the arrangement of the department, interns are to inspect the patients during the inpatient and outpatient rotation.
  3. Interns are supposed to perform 8 hours of work, are 24 hours responsible and work under a regular duty system. Interns who are not on duty during weekends (or holidays) should take part in the in the morning rounds.
  4. Interns should enter the ward before 7:40 every morning to examine the patients, attend the shift rounds of the medical staff on time, and perform the rounds of the wards under the supervision of the superior doctor. During the rounds, the students should report the patients’ medical history and the results of the examination, and propose a diagnosis and treatment. After the rounds, the students should record the opinions of the superior doctor.
  5. Interns should takes notes during their clinical practice, such as medical records, surgical records, transfer records, discharge records, death records, etc. Medical records and various records must be modified and signed by the supervising authorities. Students need to write a standardized medical record every week, and do a normative and comprehensive physical examination every two weeks under the guidance of the tutor.
  6. Interns should attend the treatment operations in the general ward, such as dressing, urethral catheterizations, puncture operations, etc. in strict compliance with the aseptic techniques. Any operation that has not been performed on an individual basis, shall be demonstrated and taught by the senior physician. Treatment and operations by interns must be conducted under the guidance of the medical and nursing staff.
  7. Interns should attend night shifts, shifts during holidays and emergency treatments of critically-ill patients. The process of these emergency treatments of critically-ill patients should be recorded in detail.
  8. During medical work, interns should learn the nursing techniques and work together with the nurses for observation and treatment (including haemospasia, fluid infusion, enemata, etc.), as well as preoperative skin preparation, etc.
  9. Interns should always keep the medical records clean and tidy, paste all kinds of inspection reports in a specified order, understand the results of various tests in time, and analyze them according to the diseases.
  10. Interns should strictly abide by the regulations of the hospital, the ward and the outpatient department, as well as by the routine diagnosis and treatment.
  11. Interns should participate in the departments’ case analysis discussions, academic reports, death case discussions, intern seminars and required meetings.
  12. Teaching during the round of the wards and case discussion should be arranged once every month, for which teachers and interns at all levels should make well preparations in advance, to ensure the quality and acquisition.
  13. The internship scores in the main departments such as Internal, External, Gynecological, Pediatric, etc. are composed of three parts, namely, the average score, the skill assessment and the theoretical examination respectively, which account for 20 percent, 50 percent and 30 percent. If interns fail in one of the three parts in one department, the score is invalid in that department. Except the major departments interns in the other departments should be scored comprehensively in the light of the clinical work ability, diagnosis and treatment skill, operation proficiency, practice discipline and so on according to the hundred-mark system.
  14. At the end of internship in very department, interns must complete the required content in the training manual. Within the last week for audit and evaluation the training manual together with the internship score table should be submitted firstly to the institute of clinical departments, then to the College of International Education.
  15. Interns carry all reponsibilities for medical disputes or accidents arising from illegal operations. Interns who damage medical equipment or steal hospital supplies, shall be subject to punitive measures by the university according to the circumstances and the degree of impact, as well as to compensations for the losses.

Students should first write a letter that explains the situation that has to be signed by the department’s director. The director of the Teaching and Research Office shall verify and sign, report to the Teaching Administration Department and the College of International Education, The School Affairs Office shall audit and file the letter and submit it to the responsible persons for examination and approval if necessary.

Regulations for internship students

(一)Interns should attend on time. Coming late, leaving early and being absent are not allowed. The clinical teacher shall be responsible for checking the attendance, while the teaching secretary and the staff of the College of International Education shall conduct irregular attendance checks. All problems should be solved in time and reported to the Teaching Affairs Department of the hospital and the College of International Education.

(二)The arrangements for holidays and festivals are subject to the relevant regulations of the hospital and the respective department. Coming late, leaving early and being absent without a valid reason are not allowed.

(三)Students should adhere to the system of asking for leave and should go through the relevant procedures.

  1. Interns who ask for leave should go through relevant procedures at the Student Administration Office of the College of International Education after getting permission from their clinical teacher.
  2. The teachers from the Student Administration Office shall be responsible for checking the requests for leave of international students. Students can ask for leave for a maximum of three days. The Vice Dean of the College of International Education and the Teaching Affairs Department of the hospital shall be responsible for the approval of the request. (Please find the form in appendix)
  3. The form should be made in three copies. After signing and stamping, one copy should be submitted to the Student Administration Office of CIE; one copy to the Teaching Affairs Department of the hospital; and one copy to the clinical teacher. The intern can only leave with the approval of the clinical teacher. Interns should report back to the Student Administration Office of CIE when they are back from their leave. Interns should come back on time after holidays and go through the reporting procedure. In case the holiday needs to be prolonged, the intern should inform the relevant staff in time. If the intern fails to report back or prolongs the holiday without permission, such days will be regarded as absent days. If the intern is absent for three days, he or she should supplement the relevant content.
  4. If an intern wants to ask for a leave of more than three days, he/she should fill in the form and hand it in to the responsible teacher of the Student Administration Office of CIE to have it signed and stamped by the Vice Dean of CIE.
  5. Interns who ask for sick leave must provide a doctor’s note and receive treatment in a local hospital. For chronic diseases, interns should provide a doctor’s note issued by a specialized hospital and get approval of the Student Administration Office of CIE and the Teaching Affairs Department of hospital.
  6. Interns do not enjoy winter and summer holidays. Official holidays are subject to the arrangement of the respective department. Those on duty on holidays shall not change their schedule without permission.

(四)Interns who ask for sick leave for more than two weeks should compensate for the time absent.

(五)Interns who are absent for more than 1/3 of their internship have to repeat their internship with the next batch of interns. The intern shall be responsible for the relevant expenses. Interns shall not be absent for more than 1/3 lessons for one single course. Otherwise, the intern should make up the missed lessons before being able to attend the graduation examination.