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Transport in Jinzhou

Jinzhou Airport provides air transport to major airports in China. There are two railway stations in the city, one designated for long trips and one for shorter routes. The most popular way to get around Jinzhou is on foot or by bicycle. Taxis are abundant on the streets and start at 5 RMB per trip. Bus routes also blanket the city and provide the most economical means of transportation.

How to arrive in JZMU ( After arriving China) :

There will be some D-trains from Beijing/Shenyang to Jinzhou in every one or two hours.

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  • Flight number to Jinzhou Bay International Airport:

Shanghai to Jinzhou:

MU9189          7:30——10:00               duration:2 hours and 30 minutes

Shanghai Pudong International Airport T1 to Jinzhou Bay International Airport

Hangzhou to Jinzhou:

HU7761          11:15——13:35              duration:2 hours and 20 minutes

Xiaoshan International Airport T3 to Jinzhou Bay International Airport

Guangzhou to Jinzhou:

HU7761           07:15–12:50               duration: 5 hours and 35 minutes

Baiyun International Airport to Jinzhou Bay International Airport

Kunming to Jinzhou:

8L9557           6:50–12:20                 duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Changshui International Airport to Jinzhou Bay International Airport


  • From Jinzhou Nan (Jinzhou South)Railway Station/ Jinzhou Bay International Airport to JZMU:

We suggest you take a taxi to our university. Reference price for taxi fare are as follows:

From Jinzhou Bay International Airport: around 120RMB

From Jinzhou Nan (Jinzhou South) Railway Station: around 60RMB

  • Notice:
  1. Please don’t choose flight from Beijing to Shenyang and then transfer to Jinzhou. There are so many express trains from Beijing to Jinzhou. It only takes 3 and half hours from Beijing to Jinzhou by train. Please see the time table of ‘Train number from Beijing Railway Station to Jinzhou Nan (Jinzhou South)Railway Station’ .
  2. Please pay attention to the name of destination: There are two places named Jinzhou in Liaoning Province. One is Jinzhou city ( our University’s location), another one is ‘Jinzhou District of Dalian City’. The pronunciation is the same but different places. So please buy ticket directly to Jinzhou Nan Railway station ( Jinzhou South Railway Station) in Jinzhou city.